List of musical works


1969 Aria Concertata* large orchestra
    Rehearsed by the North Central High School Orchestra, Indianapolis, 1969. My parents had kept this score, but on their death it couldn't be located.

1969 From the Sea* song for soprano and piano
    A dreadful high-school attempt at a Schubert-style art song, for Nancy (Rogers) Camish. Lost.

1969 Symphony in C Minor* large orchestra
    How I spent my Senior year in high school. Abandoned after my first lesson with Briccetti. Kept at my parents house but lost at some point.

1970 Sonoratorium* 5 percussionists
    Based on poems by Ken Hixon, a high school classmate, the words are spoken by the players. Premiered DePauw University, Greencastle (IN), 1971. Also performed at Paul Recital Hall, Juilliard, New York. Score and premier recording lost.

1971 Cannabis Saliva (rev. 1973) harp, 4 percussionists
    Original version for 4 percussionists premiered at Juilliard School, New York, February 14, 1972, John Melcher conducting. Revised version premiered at Indianapolis Art Museum, May, 1975. Original score lost.

1972 O Christmas Tree clarinet, trumpet, harp, piano. violin
    Never performed, heavily influenced by my first meeting with Iannis Xenakis. Elliot Carter hated it.

1972-74 Psilocycles chamber orchestra
    Premiered by the Fort Wayne (IN) Philharmonic, Orchestra, 12/7/74, Thomas Briccetti conductiing. Only performance. One page was licensed to Indianapolis SYmphony Orchestra to print as gift-wrapping paper,. A recording was made but is lost. One page of the score was licensed to the Indianapolis Symphony Committe to make gift-wrapping paper.

1975 From Wood and Metal chamber orchestra
  Editioni Suvini Zerboni (BMI) Premiered in Indianapolis, May 1975, Alfred Savia conducting. Won Premio Angelicum Milano second prize and performed in Milan, 1975. US premiere in Indianapolis, May, 1975.

1975 Cardioid 28 performers
    My brief foray into improvisational performance ala Cage (click on the link to see score example). Never performed.

1975 Spatial Construction after Rinaldo Paluzzi chamber orchestra
    Premiered DePauw University, Greencastle (IN) 1975. Inspired by paintings of Rinaldo Paluzzi that I saw at an Indianapolis Museum of Art exhibition.

1975 Pneumes organ
    Written for an organist in Indianapolis but never performed.

1975 Kallirophon-B string quartet
    Premiered San Francisco Contemporary Chamber Players, 1976.

1975 Mass* chorus, organ, 8 inst.
    Written for a contest in Minnesota (I didn't win). Never performed. Lost.

1975 American Bicentennial Epicycles 1 and 2* voices
    Inconsequential performance art, mainly an artistic comment on US composers slurping up Bicentennial commissions. Never performed.

1976 Kallirophon-D* orchestra, chamber ensemble, string quartet
    I have no idea what happened to this work. Never performed. Lost.

1977 Wedding Music* trumpet, organ
    Processional and recessional (fugue) composed for my first wedding. Score lost. Marriage dissolved.

1977 Music For Two Keyboards* piano and electric piano
    My first finished work influenced by "minamalism". Premiered Berkely, California, 1977. Score and recording lost.

1977 Tjelempung* electric guitar with (tape) delay line
    Written for Dean Santomieri, but never performed, mainly because the tape delay delay was a theoretical design and never built. Score lost.

1978 Magic Music #1* 3 keyboards, bass guitar
    Recorded at Mills College. Recording and score lost. Cannibalized for Drastic Measures.

1978 Magic Music #2* 3 keyboards, bass guitar
    Never performed. Score lost.

1982 Music In Three Movements* alto saxophone, violin, electric guitar, piano
    Premiered Berkeley, California, 1982. Score lost.

1983 Graduale for Easter* chorus, organ
    for Tabernacle Presbyterian Church, Indianapolis. Parts lost, possibly somewhere in the Church library, possibly on purpose.

1983 Sounds Sirius Mountain Computer Music System
    The "flip side" of my 1983 Drastic Measures cassette, 1983. Created with custom code that tells the MCMS to play extrmely high notes, causing aliasing (an artifact of digital sampling.

1984 Movement string quartet
    Unperformed, but the fugue in the second half is used in Second Symphony, first movement.

1985 Pieces of The Puzzle synthesizers
    parts scavenged for Irreconcilable Differences and other works; other parts later discarded

1985 RAMjam synthesizers
    Premiered at a San Francisco outdoor arts festival, 1985.

1985-6 Irreconcilable Differences soprano, synthesizers
    Premiered at New Langton Arts, San Francisco, 1986, with Philip Aaberg and Pamela Z. It includes an arrangement of "Jesus Christ Is Risen Today, Alleluia" that caused a few audience members to walk out.

1987 S.O.S. synthesizers, sounds
    Written in Perugia at Thomas Briccetti's studio. He later used it in his oratorio Odysseus Returns, after which it became part of Eleven for Mister B (a memorial piece for Briccetti) and then Second Symphony, third movement.

1987 Boise Noise Annoys an Oyster synthesizers
    Originally the Duet from Irreconcilable Differences and later to become the Second Movement of the Second Symphony.

1989 Drastic Measures (1989 version) piano solo
    Premiered by Philip Aaberg, Los Angeles, 1989

1987-94 El Salvador Dali Llama synthesizers, sounds
    Never performed, released privately in 1994.

1999 Angel voice, flute, guitar, bass, percussion
    An experiment with the Band In A Box software.

2002 Singapore Digijam synthesizers, percussion
  Lomluka Music (BMI) Electronic realization from a performance at a 2001 trade show in Singapore.

1977-2003 Drastic Measures, an Electric Symphony synthesizers, electric guitar
  Lomluka Music (BMI) The original version, for Mountain Computer Music System, was released n 1983. A MIDI version was premiered at New Langton Arts, San Francisco in 1987. The final version was completed 2003. The master MIDI files are lost; only the final recording remains. Released 2012 (LLM12-1).

1981-2004 A Full Quarter Hour synthesizers
  Lomluka Music (BMI) Unreleased. Basically the left-over pieces from Drastic Measures. Released 2012 (LLM12-1).

1999-2004 Eleven for Mister B orchestra
    I wrote this when Briccetti died but never showed it to anyone, concerned it might seem exploitive. Became movement III of Second Symphony.

2004 The Unquestioned Answer jazz ensemble
  Lomluka Music (BMI) soprano and tenor sax, tpt, electric gtr, electric bass, drums. Released 2013 (LLM13-1).

2004-5 Second Symphony Orchestra
  Lomluka Music (BMI) 2-2-2-2, 4-3-2-1, 5 percussionists,harp, piano strings (14-12-10-8-6). Never performed, recording unreleased.

1987-2005 Ramwong Loi Krathong chamber orchestra, voices
  Lomluka Music (BMI) An arrangement of a traditional Thai holiday song. Released on Digidesign holiday album, 2005 and 2013 (LLM13-1).

2004-5 Variations for String Quartet string quartet
  Lomluka Music (BMI) Never performed live. Virtual recording released 2013 (LLM13-1).

2005-6 O the Agony of my Heart chamber orch, singers, tape, etc.
  Lomluka Music (BMI) A ballet, with chanting singers onstage and a 4-channel recording. Never performed, recording Released 2013 (LLM13-1).

2009 Yo Tannenbaum 4 Hammond organs, maracas, 2 violins, viola
    A rather drastic arrangement of "O Tannebaum"

2006-10 Play the Piano Drunk... male voice, chamber orchestra
  Lomluka Music (BMI) Song cycle (12 songs plus an instrumental prelude and final fugue) based on poetry of Charles Bukowski. Released 2011 (LLM11-1).

2010 A Quickie for Paul Hindemith orchestra (2-1-1-1, 2-1-1-1, timp, percussion, strings)
    a one-minute piece for the Vox Novus Orchestra 60x60 project.

2011 Just A Minute violin, cello
    composed for Zentripetal. Premiered New York City, 2012.

2011 Just Another Minute harp solo
    composed for Alyssa Reit.

2011 Double Shuffle flute, marimba
    composed for Laura Jordon & Sarah Carrier.

2014 Sax First Avenue saxophone quartet

2014 To Sleep... Bass flute, cello

2014 Wail percussion solo

2013-4 Curves player piano

2014 Susurrus harp solo

composed for Chiara Capobianco.

2014 Monsters

string orchestra (12-12-10-8-6, complete divisi), percussion

    composed in Thailand during the upheaval leading to the 2014 military coup.

2012-4 Clouds Large orchestra, strings complete divisi

2012-5 Absolutely Frank Large orchestra, strings complete divisi
    Remembering Frank Zappa.

* Lost or destroyed