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Oh, the Agony of My Heart (2013)

Music for instruments, voices and electronics:

Oh, the Agony of My Heart

The Unquestioned Answer

Variatiations for String Quartet

Ramwong Loy Grathong

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Drastic Measures (2012)

Drastic Measures cover

  Drastic Measures back cover

Drastic Measures presents two major electronic compositions by John Melcher, written between 1976 and 2004:

* Drastic Measures (an Electric Symphony) (1976-2003)

* A Full Quarter Hour (1981-2004)

* Bonus track: excerpts from the original 1983 Drastic Measures version for Apple II computer.

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Play The Piano Drunk... (2011)
Play The Piano Drunk  

Play The Piano Drunk is a song cycle based on poems of Charles Bukowski, in 14 parts (12 songs plus an opening Prelude and closing Fugue), for male voice and a virtual orchestra that includes 6 keyboard players.


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John Melcher: Play The Piano Drunk

Christmas Eve Alone, the perfect "Christmas song" for anyone who wishes that Christmas would just be over with soon. From my album Play the Piano Drunk... Text by Charles Bukowski.

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From Wood and Metal (1975)


From Wood and Metal (1975) for chamber orchestra. Score and parts are available exclusively from Edizioni Suvini Zerboni, a subsidiary of Sugar Music, Milan.

  From wood and metal