Studio photos


my studio 2009

My studio, February, 2010. Computers and hard drives are under the desk, the UPS behind it. I'm planning to install an isolation cabinet soon to reduce noise.



This Liebert Uninterruptible Power Supply smooths out power-line voltage and frequency fluctuations and micro-blackouts that are common in Thailand, improving audio fidelity, lengthening equipment life and preventing data loss.


My desk: Pro Tools keyboard is in back. Microsoft Explorer trackballs take less space and fit my hand better, reducing fatigue and "Pro Tools elbow" during marathon editing sessions.






From my point of view: two LCD monitors left & center for Pro Tools HD (shown) and Sibelius; monitor on the right for Gigastudio (shown) or Pro Tools M-Powered (with Structure). The desk was made in 2000 and is far too small for all the gear I've loaded on it.



main rack

Main equipment rack, an SKB portable rack case. Top to bottom: POD Pro, TrakMaster, Roland M-GS64, Digidesign 192, Digidesign 192 Digital (2), Digidesign MIDI (2).



PACE ILoks ( used by Pro Tools and plug-in vendors for copy-protection.


Yamaha CP-33 stage piano. It has a great action and an excellent piano sound for recording. I use it both as a piano for recording, and as my master MIDI controller when entering notes. It also has decent electric piano, vibraphone, strinmg and choir sounds, good enough for playing to get ideas but not for recording.