Personal photos




Fort Wayne, Indiana newspaper interview, premiere of Psilocycles, December, 1974



Psilocycles becomes more profitable as wallpaper, 1975


Conducting Cannabis Saliva at a concert of my music, Indianapolis Museum of Art, May, 1975


Wedding Day (first time), June 25, 1977, Greencastle, Indiana



About 1979, sitting on the wall at San Francisco beach.


1980, Berkeley, California. Tuning Brent Mydland's Rhodes electric piano before a Grateful Dead concert at the Greek Theater.


San Francisco, 1982. Photograph by Marcy Malloy


John Melcher 1985

San Francisco, 1985


The Old Sears Building, 3435 Cesar Chavez Avenue (orig. Army Street), San Francisco. From 1979-1990 I rented a second-floor loft, where I built a soundproof studio inside. After I returned from Thailand, I lived in the next door loft 1992-4 and built another studio.


~1984, San Francisco.


Vienna, 1987