Studio Technology - Classic


webcor guitar
My first tape recorder, about 1965, a Webcor. I played guitar in a few bands 1965- 68, with a blue Mosrite guitar and a Fender Pro amp (mine was black).


teac buchla
I got a Sony 660 stereo tape recorder in 1969, which I used for various experiments. When I was at Juilliard, I started studying privately with Michael Czajkowski at an electronic music studio at NYU, based around a Buchla 100 modular synthesizer.



In 1976, I started building a synthesizer from scratch, using schematics and technical data from Electronotes, and their compilation Musical Engineers Handbook. I bought raw copperclad board, etchant and surplus parts, ending up with one VCO, VCA, VCF, Noise generator with S&H, 2 EGs and a keyboard controller in a cabinet with power supply. Itr worked, but wasn't stable enough for professional use. No photos exist.



rhodes wurlitzer
Rhodes 73 stage piano, one of the keyboards I collected around 1980 for a multi-keyboard ensemble, ~1978 Wurlitzer 200 electric piano, another keyboard for the ensemble, ~1976



Hohner Clavinet D6


MCMS soundchaser
The Mountain Computer Music System, a wave-table synthesizer than runs in two slots in an Apple II (1982). Passport Designs' Soundchaser combined the MCMS with a keyboard controller and software. It was popular in Japan but made obsolete by MIDI.



Teac 3340 4-track tape recorder (~1980)



poly800 ex800
Korg Poly 800 synthesizer (~1984) Korg EX-800, a Poly 800 in a box


dw8000 hr-16
Korg DW-8000 synthesizer Alesis HR-16 drum machine



Yamaha DX-7. I used one briefly, ~1983-4, but the sound didn't blend well with other instruments.



Oberheim Xpander, my favorite "analog" synth. Each of its six voices could have a different patch, transposition and panning.


Electro-Voice 16-32

First studio mixer (~1990-94). At the time, nobody had manufactured a compact home studio mixer. Designed mainly for live use, it was awkward in the studio.



In 1994, I sold all my studio gear and built a "portable system" that fit into a rachmount case, comprising:

Rold GS64

Roland M-GS64 General MIDI synthesizer. It's still in my studio, but seldom used today.


opcode furman
MusicQuest 8x8 MIDI interface ~1994-99. Not supported under Windows XT.

Furman power line conditioner (~1994-1997). 110v only, not economically adaptible to 220v.



Alesis Microverb 4 (1994)



Mackie 1202 mixer (1994-2001)


session 8

Digidesign Session 8, my first digital audio workstation (1992-4). 8 tracks@44.1k, 16 bits



Gina (Echo Systems) audio recording system for Windows (~1996-99)