Studio Technology Today (2013)


Liebert UPStation UPS supplies highly-regulated power to everything else. I purchased it in August, 2008, and it performed perectly until batteries were replaced in April, 2013.


RIGHT: 19" Germany Export Rack heavy-duty AC power distribution strips, plugs modified to fit the Liebert UPS power outputs.


Ccomputers in my studio are built into rackmount cases like this, running Windows.

Computer 1 - Pro Tools

Pro Tools HD3

Digidesign HD-3 DSP cards - the heart of Pro Tools. I have an original HD-2, plus a third Accel card.


192 IO front

192 IO back

192 IO front and back. 16 total inputs /outputs. It has an expansion card in the blank space to provide 8 more analog inputs, though I'm not using them now.


192D IO front

192 Digital IO front and back. Each receives 16 ADAT optical channels from the ProFire Lightbridge.


MIDI IO front

MIDI IO back

MIDI IO front and back. Ten MIDI busses, 160 total channels. Each computer has one.


Command 8, the control center for Pro Tools: mixer with automated faders, transport controller, control room and headphone monitors.



Avid QuietDrive portable SCSI drive. They're now retired from the Pro Tools system, since SATA drives are fast enough, quieter and simpler. One is still connected to the Gigastudio system.

Computer 2 (Gigastudio)

Lightbridge front lightbridge back

M-Audio ProFire Lightbridge front and back. 4 ADAT optical outputs, 8 channels each. Outputs are routed to 192-D's.


RME Hammerfall 9632. 32 total IO channels; I use 8 channels of ADAT optical out (to main Pro Tools 192 IO). Synced to Pro Tools word clock.

motor mix

Motor Mix (CM Automation). a MIDI mixing controller used for various applications

Outboard gear

Line6 POD Pro

Line 6 POD Pro, an excellent guitar amplifier simulator. Digital output (AES-EBU) to Pro Tools.


Focusrite TrakMaster microphone/instrument preamplifier. Mono in/out.


Roland M-GS64, a General MIDI synth. I bought it in 1994.


Yamaha CP33 stage piano

Yamaha CP-33 stage piano, with 88-key weighted action, used both as a piano and to enter MIDI data.



M-Audio MicroTrak II used for remote recording. It records to a memory stick, up to 6 hours at 48kHz, 24 bits.


AT822 Solaris Pulsar SM-57
Audio-Technica AT822 stereo microphone is used with the MicroTrak. M-Audio Solaris large-diaphragm condensor mic, for vocals M-Audio Pulsar matched pair condensor mics. Shure SM-57 for almost anything. Indestructible!


Digidesign RM2 speaker M-Audio DSM3 speaker
Digidesign RM2 (mfd. byPMC) main monitors M-Audio DSM-3 secondary monitors.