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Paul Amrod

PAUL AMROD is a composer, pianist and singer, my very good friend from Juilliard, now living and composing in Konstanz, Germany.

LAURIE SPIEGEL is another Juilliard friend and a great composer, who first encouraged me to work with synthesizers in 1972.
PAMELA Z is a San Francisco-based composer/performer and audio artist who works primarily with voice, live electronic processing and sampling technology.
MICHAEL ALEXANDER WILLENS is the music director for Das Orchester Damals und Heute, an ensemble based in Cologne which performs on both period and modern instruments.
PHILIP AABERG is a composer and keyboardist with several solo albums and many collaborations in both pop and classical music projects, and the owner of Sweetgrass Records.

Music manufacturers, etc:
Avid Avid makes Pro Tools, which I use for audio recording, editing and mixing.
Sibelius is the software I use to produce printed music.
reason Propellerhead makes Reason.
Vienna Symphonic Library Vienna Symphonic Library has the best sample libraries available. I'm using their Dimension Strings and Percussion libraries.
AAS Applied Acoustic Systems develops (among other products) String Studio, a unique modelled string instrument capable of an almost infinite variety of timbres.
wallander Wallander Instruments makes modelled virtual instruments that can sound more realistic than the best sample libraries. I use their woodwind and brass libraries.

Maui Xaphoon is an amazing little instrument that sounds like a cross between a clarinet and an alto sax and fits in a backpack.

GNMIDI Gunter Nagler's MIDI utilities.
northern sounds Northen Sounds is an excellent online forum for musical topics.
DR. LARS KINDERMANN created MusicNum, a fractal music-generation program.
FRACTAL VIBES is an excursion into audio-visual experiences with fractals and Chaos Theory.
A musical experiment made possible by Mathematica and A New Kind Of Science

Other interests:
Chris Coles Chris Coles is an American painter and filmmaker living in Bangkok and Los Angeles.
Akiyoshi Professor Akiyoshi Kitaoka studies optical illusions.
Flexagon.net was created to provide a place for all those interested in flexagons.

The Grandiloquent Dictionary by C.S. Bird. Obscure words that nobody will understand.