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John Melcher

composer, music and audio software specialist

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Music Director, Lomluka Sinfonia



New tracks on SoundCloud: sound cloud

Curves (player piano)

Susurrus (harp solo)

Monsters (string orchestra and percussion)


Oh, the Agony of My Heart

Music for instruments, voices and electronics:

Oh, the Agony of My Heart

The Unquestioned Answer

Variations for String Quartet

Ramwong Loy Krathong

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Drastic Measures  

Drastic Measures

Psychedelic electronic music that melts in your mind (not in your ears)!

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"It reminds me of an organic, living thing. The music makes me feel good inside... it's hypnotic."

"I always loved the piece, going way back to the Apple II version, but it's even more wonderful in its present incarnation."

Play The Piano Drunk

A song cycle based on texts of American poet Charles Bukowski, featuring Paul Amrod, Steve Thornton and Andy Hagerman with The Lomluka Sinfonia.

"Your setting of [Bukowski's] words is masterful. Multi-layered, funny, touching, great recording - play it loud!"

"The interlocked harmonies and polyrhythms just blow me away."

available @ CD Baby/Amazon/iTunes

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Christmas Eve Alone

(from Play The Piano Drunk...) - text by Charles Bukowski



NEW! "Creating Divided String Sections of Arbitrary Size with Garritan Personal Orchestra v4 (PDF)

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